Let's play!

While we are staying home for the Corona lockdown, we can still practice our hockey skills and have a little fun...

Show off your skills

And we will upload them here and/or on our FB page* etc. and look forward to seeing everyone on the astro when we're let out later this summer. Stay safe - the BBHC Colts coaches

* let us know if you don't want the video shared on social media

Skills and games so far

Challenge 1: Pass the toilet roll

All you've got to do is pass the toilet roll out of shot - like this:

And we will see how many we can pass it on to ...

Challenge 2: Keep the ball up

Challenge 3: How do you get the ball onto the stick?

Challenge 4: Pass the ball

Get mum or dad to help with this one. How many passes can you make?

A Wet Weather Challenge

Put your BBHC top on, pick up your stick and do something for the camera!

It can be as normal as you like! Show us doing your homework, Joe Wicks workout, upside down or anything else! Get creative :-) We want to create an album (or dossier) of BBHC colts in 2020 - have fun!

Strike a pose!

Challenge 5: At the hockey races

You need 2 players. Mark out a path in your garden (or maybe use a driveway). Race to the end dragging the ball from side to side of the path as you move forward. Player two rolls their balls towards you and if they hit your hockey ball - go back to the start...

Use any footballs and other bigger balls, soft balls. Have fun!

Challenge 6: The Obstacle Course

Practise your movement and ball control around an obstacle course. Chairs make good defenders to v-drag past, use bottles and flowerpots for cones. Create ramps and platforms to lift the ball onto - and buckets for goals.

Luke set this one. It took a lot of takes!

Indoor Challenge

The Art of Goalkeeping :-)

Need a drawing of a hockey goalkeeper? Don't forget to share your creations with us @BBHockeyClub